Intu-Art Unique Original Hand Made Signed Frogs and Birds African Vase

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This gorgeous art vase from Intu-Art was hand made in Africa. Every piece produced by Intu-Art is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art.  This piece is signed by Inno Dube and hand painted by E. Mlotshwa.


It has an intricate 3 dimensional design made up of birds and frogs with butterflys, plants and trees.  It stands 13" high and the mouth opening measures 6.5".  It is in perfect condition with no chips or breaks.
These highly coveted pieces can be found only in exclusive galleries.
Intu-Art gives South African artists a stage upon which to display their unique talent.
Made in Africa, Inspired by Africa
Following is what I found on the Intu-Art company's website:
In keeping with the idea of using talented people and offering them a place to utilize their talents Bev Graney started Intu-Art over five years ago with just a few artists. Starting with less than a basic knowledge of ceramics, Bev and her son Darren developed the idea of using available talent and built up a small community of artists who are now able to use their skills to provide the artists with an outlet and a good source of income. More artists have now surfaced through word of mouth and training by the senior artists has enabled them to join the Intu-Art family. This vibrant team now makes entirely unique works of art.